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Quik-Cap Electrode Placement System

Quik-Cap Electrode Placement System

Quik-Caps (EEG) – Compumedics Neuroscan offers a variety of Quik-Caps to provide speedy, consistent application of up to 256 electrodes. Quick-Caps are manufactured of highly elastic breathable Lycra material with soft neoprene electrode gel reservoirs for enhanced patient comfort. All electrodes are placed according to the International 10-20 electrode placement standard. Quik-Caps are available in a variety of electrode configurations from 12 to 256 channels as well as in 5 different sizes, and with a variety of electrode materials to meet every lab requirement.

Compumedics Neuroscan strongly recommends the use of Ag/Ag/Cl - sintered electrodes because of their durability and ease of cleaning and re-use. Each cap offering is designed to cover a specific range of sizes. Please specify the range you require.

Custom configurations are available upon request and have a one time non-refundable engineering fee.

All caps require an adaptor that must be purchased separately to interface to your device.

Quik-Cap Interface Adaptors (EBA) details

Quik-CapPSG™ details

19 Channel Quik-Cap details

20 Channel Quik-Cap details

21 Channel Quik-Cap details

32 Channel Quik-Cap details 

64 Channel Quik-Cap details 

128 Channel Quik-Cap (NSL Layout) details

128 Channel Quik-Cap (10-20 Layout) details

NuAmp 40 Channel Quik-Cap details

SynAmps2 64 Channel Quik-Cap details

SynAmps2 128 Channel Quik-Cap details



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